Welcome to 50/50 Youth

Welcome to 50/50 Youth – the blog of the SALISES Research Cluster on Youth!


The cluster was formed against the background of the 50/50 Project launched by the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES) in 2010 and which engaged Caribbean people in collective reflection on the successes and shortcomings of the past 50 years of political independence and then, consolidated those reflections during a major conference in August 2012 – the 50th anniversaries of Jamaica’s and Trinidad and Tobago’s independence – under the theme “Critical Reflections in a Time of Uncertainty”. 

See the 50/50 Project Blog here: http://thesalises5050project.blogspot.com/  

Among the recommendations for the next 50 years were proposals for enhancing youth involvement in the formulation of solutions to the region’s most pressing development challenges. SALISES acknowledged that more needed to be done to understand the challenges and opportunities which impinge on youth preparedness and empowerment to lead over the next 50 years.

In that regard, the Youth Cluster – 50/50 Youth – was formed to:

  • document current youth contributions to regional development;
  • investigate gaps in legislative, policy, socio-economic and institutional frameworks for maximising youth potential to provide leadership over the next 50 years;
  • assess the performance of youth work and youth development practice in the region, including documentation of best practices; and
  • review the implications for youth of development issues, policies, practices, recommendations raised by the 50/50 project.

Here, in this Blog space, we will sharing the outcomes of our research and outreach activities and  partnerships as we chronicle the experiences of young people in navigating the complex and dynamic environment of Caribbean environment. We hope that these contributions will encourage debate about the best ways of preparing and empowering youth for the next 50 years of Caribbean development.


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