50/50 Youth: Reflections, Visions and Aspirations of Young Caribbean Leaders

The SALISES 50/50 Project provided a space for collective critical reflection on the past 50 years of independence in the Commonwealth Caribbean and for crafting clear strategic directions for the future. In consideration of the fact that the next 50 years belong to the current generation, a “Young Leaders Project” was launched based on a series of conversations with Caribbean youth, under under 30 years old, to find out more about their views about the societies in which they live and their visions for the future.

This video compiles a few clips from those conversations and highlights youth perspectives on independence, regional integration and the future of Caribbean development.

The video was screened as a part of a Youth Roundtable on Wednesday 22nd August, 2012 during the SALISES 50-50 Conference in Kingston, Jamaica

cropped-youth-roundtable1.jpgRoundtable Discussants From Left to Right:

Lesley Ann Welsh, Andre Williams (moderator),

Terri-Ann Gilbert-Roberts (convenor), Shavar Maloney,

Stephanie Abrahams and Tamian Beckford


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