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Do you know about the National Youth Policy in your country? 

Is it accessible to citizens? Which issues does it address? Does it address the concerns of youth?

Are the strategies outlined adequate, appropriate and relevant? What is missing?

What are the priorities for implementation? 

These are some of the questions that over 700 stakeholders will discuss and seek to answer at the end of October 2014, when they meet in Baku, Azerbaijan, for the First Global Forum on Youth Policies. We are very pleased and excited that two of our 50/50 Youth cluster members, Henry Charles and Terri-Ann Gilbert-Roberts, will be attending the Forum as expert participants and will be able to keep you updated on the discussions. Henry will also be delivering a keynote address on the policy imperatives suggested by a transformational paradigm of youth development. So, please stay tuned for excerpts!

The Forum is being co-convened by the United Nations Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) and the Council of Europe and is being hosted by the Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

In preparation for the forum, we have been reading about the state of youth policies globally, drawing on the wide range of information and analyses produced by another Global Forum partner – has published a new and useful report on The State of Youth Policies in 2014 (click to download), which indicates that there are some 122 countries around the world which are currently implementing an identifiable youth policy.

The report provides interesting data on the Latin America and Caribbean region which is shown in the table below.  Of the 34 countries in the region reviewed by the research team, 62% (21 countries) had existing up to date policies; 18% (six countries) had a policy which was being updated or revised; 12% (four countries) had no policy at all; and data was unavailable for three of the countries reviewed.

# countries reviewed
Youth Policy Exists
Youth Policy Under Revision
No Policy
Status Unavailable


14 7 (50%) 3 (21%) 2 (14%) 2

Central America

8 7 (88%) 1 (13%) 0


South America 12 7 (58%) 2 (17%) 2 (17%)


TOTAL Latin America and the Caribbean 34 21 (62%) 6 (18%) 4 (12%)


In the Caribbean sub-region, 14 countries were included in the review. Fifty percent (seven countries) had existing and up to date policies; 21% (three countries) were revising the policy and 14% (two countries) had no policy at all. Information was unavailable to the team for two countries.

These bare numbers give us a sense of overall governmental commitments, on paper, to youth policy. However, they don’t tell us much about stakeholder views and expectations of the policies in their countries and regions. In the past few weeks, stakeholders from around the world started posting their views, on the initiative of the Forum Secretariat, with the hashtag #youthpolicymatters to social networking sites. Even we joined the discussion!

50/50 Youth Cluster Chair, Terri-Ann Gilbert-Roberts, shares her assessment of the Youth Policy Situation in Jamaica

50/50 Youth Cluster Chair, Terri-Ann Gilbert-Roberts, shares her assessment of the Youth Policy Situation in Jamaica

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