Did you notice our new logo? :-)

FINAL 50-50 Youth LogoWe are really excited about our new logo because it was designed by Caribbean youth and it is a vibrant reflection of the history and objectives of 50/50 Youth – that is, RESEARCH towards ACTION, through PARTNERSHIP.

It was designed by a brother/sister duo – Tamaisha Eytle and Kaiel Eytle – who enjoy lending their skills in the media arts to non-profit organisations, especially those with a youth focus.

Kaiel is a Filmmaker and Director of Photography by trade, but has dabbled for over 15 year in graphic and web design.


Filmmaker. Cinematographer. Dreamer

Tamaisha specialises in non-profit organizational development with an emphasis on the integration of communication technologies for effective non-profit management.

Innovator. Project Manager. Change Facilitator

Together they work collaboratively on many initiatives both in Jamaica and the Caribbean. They see themselves as true CARICOM nationals, having being born in Guyana and lived in Jamaica.

Click on their names above to find out more about them! 

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