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Thank You for Making #CYDC2015 a Success!

50/50 Youth is grateful to all those who contributed research papers, reflections on practice and concept notes to the inaugural Caribbean Youth Development Conference (CYDC) which was held at the UWI Regional Headquarters from 30th September to 2nd October, 2015. Your contributions enabled a wide range of stakeholders – Ministers of Youth, Permanent Secretaries in Ministries of Youth Affairs, Directors of Youth, Regional Youth Leaders, National Youth Leaders, community youth representatives, academics and youth workers – to think critically about the directions for sustainable development in the Caribbean. Among the commitments made by delegates are agreements to:

  1. Ensure that each country has an evidence-based youth policy, formulated through a youth participatory process and which is implemented via participatory youth projects and programmes
  1. Strengthen Youth Governance Structures (particularly National Youth Councils in each country), including in capacity for evidence-based engagement in development work
  1. Ensure effective regional monitoring and oversight of youth-specific elements of development agendas – (including a ministerial monitoring mechanism; a strengthened regional youth division in CARICOM; and strengthened youth capacity for regional oversight – CRYC, CYAP etc)

In the coming weeks, 50/50 Youth will release the details of these and other recommendations of the conference as a part of a Regional Agenda of Priority Actions for Research, Policies and Programmes for Caribbean Youth, Post 2015. We anticipate that various stakeholders in the sustainable development process will take responsibilities for specific actions which will contribute to positive youth development outcomes. For our part, 50/50 Youth will advance the evidence-based elements of the agenda, including actions related to training, mentorship and participatory youth development research.