Measuring Development, Again…the Global Youth Well-Being Index

The International Youth Foundation has launched its Global Youth Well-being Index covering 29 countries. Sorry, no SIDS included in this one . However, have a look at it here:

There is increasing interest in producing quantitative indices to help measure the situation of young people and compare progress made across countries. This well-being index uses existing data from international sources (perhaps other youth indices) as well as data from a direct survey of youth. Indices can be powerful tools for policy dialogue and reflection on practice.

However, they don’t always help young people understand the local context of where they live. The SALISES #5050Youth Cluster has partnered with Ollin Jovenes en Movimiento, Mexico to localise the measurement of youth participation in the Caribbean region by creating an index which measures where and how young people participate in different sectors of society by surveying key institutions. In partnership with the Caribbean Regional Youth Council (CRYC) we have trained young people who will participate in compiling the index. Fundraising has been challenging #SmallStatesChallenges#FinancingDevelopmentResearch but partners like National Integrity Action in Jamaica are coming alongside and we hope to begin working on the Jamaica index soon.


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