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NEW RESOURCE: The Missing Peace: Independent Progress Study on Youth and peace and security

The highly anticipated official Report of the Progress Study on Youth Peace and Security, called for under UN Security Resolution 2250 has been released. The report is entitled “The Missing Peace: Independent Progress Study on Youth and Peace and Security”

Drawing on a wide range of consultations around the word, including in the Caribbean, the study outlines the variety of ways in which young people contribute to peace and violence prevention and makes recommendations for sustaining peace through partnerships among citizens, governments and international and regional organisations.

Please read it here; share it widely; discuss and debate the findings and recommendations. Then, let’s advocate for the changes we want to make to the ways we work on “security” and “safety” in our communities, countries and regions. We can contribute the report’s recommended “seismic shift” in thinking and practice so as to recognise young people as the “missing peace” – an imperative to reaping a global peace dividend.

A longer version of the study will be released later this year which will offer more detailed findings and outline strategies for all stakeholders to engage with the agenda on youth peace and security (#Youth4Peace).

50/50 Youth is particularly pleased to share this report since our cluster Chair, Dr. Terri-Ann Gilbert-Roberts contributed to the research process as a member of the Advisory Group of Experts for the Study.


A Youth-Focused Commentary on “The Golding Report”

On Friday 16th February 2018, the UWI hosted a Vice-Chancellor’s Forum on “The Golding Report on CARICOM-Jamaica Relations”. The Forum provided an opportunity for a range of experts and commentators to outline their views on the recommendations made by the Commission and the implications for future engagement in CARICOM.

Chair of the 50/50 Youth Cluster Dr. Terri-Ann Gilbert-Roberts was one of the panellists and delivered remarks focused on the issues related to the the engagement of CARICOM citizens in the integration process, especially young people. Watch her presentation here: